Asshole: A Memoir

Part 01. Dumb Ass
Part 02. A Season of Surgery
Part 03. My Life, B.C.
Part 04. Aunt Edna
Part 05. Pleasant Overweight White Male
Part 06. Always Been Into Death
Part 07. Devil’s Tower
Part 08. Magic Wand
Part 09. An Ex-Parrot
Part 10. The First Time I Died
Part 11. Holiday of Secrets
Part 12. Team Asshole
Part 13. My Mother
Part 14. The Big Tell
Part 15. Nocturnal Admissions
Part 16. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
Part 17. My Benevolet Poison
Part 18. Everybody Was Ass-Cancer Fighting
Part 19. Chemosabe
Part 20. Bargaining
Part 21. Need to Know
Part 22. Up From Assholery

More to come…