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Fall 2023

This fall, I’m teaching three courses and supervising internships. Paperwork for interns is below under the “Some Stuff About Internships” heading.

Please note that the Syllabus Addendum (link below) leads you to several university policies. Consider this a part of every syllabus.

Some Stuff About Internships

I serve as internship director for undergraduates as well as graduates. Most of the information you need is on the appropriate syllabus above.

First thing to do after getting the internship is to send me the Job Description form (below).

Once it’s approved, you can enroll. Undergraduates need to do that through the Department of Journalism office. Graduate students enroll through the Office of Graduate Affairs.

Once you are enrolled, read the appropriate syllabus (links above). Understand the procedures, then use these forms (below) to do a Weekly Report.

If you are doing your internship in the summer but enrolled in credit for the fall, go ahead and do the weekly reports in the summer.

At the end of the internship, send the Intern Evaluation form to your supervisor. They will return it to me.

Send all of these reports to me at

Syllabus Addendum

The link below takes you to Boston University’s policies with regard to Title IX, sexual misconduct, equal opportunity, disability and access services, student athletics, recording of classes and the university’s code of conduct.

This should be considered part of the syllabus for every course I teach. Click here to access this information.


The bibliographies below serve these courses: JO 150 History and Principles of Journalism,  JO 542 The Literature of Journalism, JO 700 Graduate Symposium in Journalism and HI 280 The History of Rock’n’Roll.

Click on the links for a listing of key works in each area.

Syllabus Archive

Here are old course outlines for the classes I teach, just to give you an idea of what we will do if you see one of these listed in an upcoming semester. These will always be altered, but these old outlines give you a general idea of what’s going on.