Asshole: A Memoir


Asshole: A Memoir (c) 2019, William McKeen

This is a memoir of my experience with cancer and its aftermath. I had the embarrassing cancer, the one that no one talks about. So I want to talk about it to encourage people to take better care of themselves. WM

‘When you’ve walked a little with death, you learn to court it,   play with it, defy it if you choose.’
RICHARD FARINA, letter to Judy Collins, 13 July 1964

‘Time is short and here’s the damn thing about it:  you’re going to die, you’re going to die for sure.  And you can learn to live life with love or without it,  but there ain’t no cure. There’s just a slow turning …’ 
JOHN HIATT,  “Slow Turning,” 1988 

KURT VONNEGUT ‘Picture of My Asshole,’ 1973 

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