Rosie the Riveter reboot

Millions of women entered the work force during the Second World War and the ‘We Can Do It’ image of Rosie the Riveter became a frequent symbol of that change.

Saturday Evening Post illustrator Norman Rockwell made a couple versions of Rosie on his own — one modeled after Michelangelo.

But the image has persisted long after that war, even as American women were encouraged to vacate the workplace and return to the kitchens of post-war America.

It’s good to see the Rosie symbol returning in the aftermath of the Women’s March of January 21, 2017, and the comments by Senate leader Mitch McConnell, made in an attempt to shut down Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

Great new slogan — and, I’m proud to say, inspired by my senator, Elizabeth Warren. This image is available on mugs, posters, T-shirts and hoodies. Click here to see the whole array and the profits go to support the women’s-march movement.

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