Things can get a little messy in the Profane Chef’s kitchen

The Profane Chef

Under the aegis of “public service” I share with the world my treasured  culinary creations. All of these “Profane Chef” recipes are available in my book Too Old to Die Young.

The green-bean casserole is the most revered. I’ve had friends ask me to prepare them for their families, to pass my work off as theirs. You should try it; it is life-changing.

So we have the Nuclear Green-Bean Casserole, White-Trash Macaroni, The World-Peace Sandwich, Cream-in-Your-Jeans Blueberry Cake, The Poor Man’s Margarita, and a bonus track from the kitchen of Beatty Zimmerman, mother of Bob Dylan.

Bon appetit, dudes and dudettes!

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Nuclear Green-Bean Casserole

White-Trash Macaroni

The World Peace Sandwich

Cream-in-Your-Jeans Blueberry Cake

The Poor Man’s Margarita

It’s All Right, Ma (I’mOnly Baking): Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf Bread