Interviewing Hunter S. Thompson, April 1978

“California’s Heart of Darkness” is a 2017 interview with Joel Brown of BU Today.

“Doing Time on the Proud Highway”  is my 1990 interview with Hunter S. Thompson.

“Hunter, Behind the Shades” is an interview about Outlaw Journalist with Wade Tantangelo of Creative Loafing.

“Hunting Thompson” is an interview with Joe Barclay, founder of Boats Against the Current.

“Journalism in Crisis” is a 2017 interview with Dante Lima for Pantsuit Politics

“Music and Mayhem in Los Angeles” is a 2017 interview with Seth Ferranti for Vice magazine.

“Talking Hunter” is a 2008 interview with the Australian Broadcasting Company

“I Want a Hero” is my 2011 interview with Tom Wolfe about the nature of heroism, from American History magazine