The human face in Houston


This comes from my old pal Ruth Baxter, who is in the middle of it all in Houston.

I was going to contribute a number of sage observations this morning, but my computer froze, and I took that as a sign. So, as succinctly as I can put it, this catastrophe has put the human faces back on our fellow human beings — all kinds of people from all over the country and the world live in this city, and people from all over have come here to help. If you are not part of the effort to help people, and to see the humanity you share with your brothers and sisters, please stop and re-think your strategy. I’m talking in all directions, folks. Love one another. I saw this young guy from Alto, Texas, which is in the Hill Country. He and some friends saw the mess on television, collected a half-dozen boats and hauled them over here … 200 miles or so. Just to help. This guy had to be a Trump voter — accent so thick, so West Texas …  But these guys and hundreds like them are getting people out — black people, poor people, non-English speakers.  They’re saving all these lives. If they hated these folks, they’d just let them die, wouldn’t they? I just wanted you to remember that.