Long-distance friends

During a summer trip to Ireland, I met two Hunter S. Thompson scholars — Martin Flynn in Dublin and Rory Patrick Feehan in Limerick.

Martin runs the HST Books website, and Rory manages Totally Gonzo. We’d corresponded for years, but these were the first face-to-face meetings.

Oddly, enough, they have never met, though they promise they will get together soon and wrestle nude in creamed corn and send me photographic evidence.

That’s young Charley McKeen on the left and the young man next to me is Rory Patrick Feehan, who is writing his doctoral dissertation on Hunter S. Thompson at the University of Limerick. This was at Durty Nelly’s in Bunratty and the photo was taken by the hostess, a woman named Maeve, who may be the most beautiful example of humanity I’ve ever seen.
Me with Marty Flynn at the Ginger Man in Dublin. Photo by Cathy Wyse