From books, magazines and newspapers


“A Learning Curve” collects two short essays about Hunter S. Thompson

“Across the Great Divide” is a piece about technology written for the New York Times education website, as a followup to my “Serendipity” essay (see below).

“America’s Greatest Revolution,” about the role of radio in American culture, from Fortune, February 25, 2015.

“Cozumel, 1974” is the afterword to The Cozumel Diary by Al Satterwhite

That’s me at my desk in the newsroom of the Courier-Tribune in Bloomington, Indiana, September 1973. Photograph by Neil Sharrow.

“Diving Deep Into Dylan” is a preview of a Bob Dylan-Merle Haggard concert, from the Tampa Baby Times

“Gonzo Speak” is a collection of quotes from Outlaw Journalist.

“Gonzo Without End, Amen” is the afterword for the book Fear and Loathing Worldwide.

“Good Stories, Well Told” is an essay about the coming of literary journalism — and a review of The Gang That Wouldn’t Write Straight by Marc Weingarten.

“Have Radials, Will Travel” is the introduction to Pilgrim in the Land of Alligators by Jeff Klinkenberg.

“How to Prepare for a Road Trip” was written for CityLink magazine.

“Idol Thoughts”  is a — so far as I can tell — previously unpublished essay about the “American Idol” television show, written in 2007.

“I’ve Just Seen a Face” marks the 50th anniversary of the day John Lennon met Paul McCartney, and appeared in The Gainesville Sun and Too Old to Die Young.

“May God Bless and Keep You Always”  a is a birthday appreciation of Bob Dylan, written for a newspaper and later published in Too Old to Die Young.

“My Top Ten” is a playlist created at the request of Boston University’s WTBU, America’s greatest college radio station.

“The Mystery of Hunter S. Thompson” is the remembrance written for the Tampa Bay Times the morning after Hunter S. Thompson’s death. It was adapted to become the preface for Outlaw Journalist.

“Paradise in Memory” is the introduction to Homegrown in Florida.

“Pass it On” is an essay-review about a book called Memoirs of a Rugby-Playing Man that is also an essay on some great teachers I’ve known.

“The President in Waiting” is a remembrance of Senator Edward Kennedy on his death, written for Creative Loafing. I merge it with a review of Burton Hersh’s biography of Kennedy that I did for the Tampa Bay Times.

“Radio, Radio” is an essay about a classical music station changing its format, and it appeared in the Gainesville Sun in Florida.

“Serendipity” is an essay that appeared in the Tampa Bay Times and which now lives New York Times education site.

“Shake, Rattle and Roll” is the introduction to my audio course Rock’n’Roll and American Society.

“Shiny Car in the Night” is an essay on the 50th anniversary of On the Road, for American History magazine.

“There’s Something About Margaret” is a preface for Margaret Harrell’s book Hunter’s S. Thompson’s Hell’s Angels, done in collaboration with Ron Whitehead.

“Thoughts on a Horny Poodle” is the introduction to Rock and Roll is Here to Stay

“Too Old to Die Young” is the title essay of my collection of stories, articles, reviews, recipes and short stories.

“Why Study Journalism,” written for a book called Journalism for the Curious.

“The Wolfe Man” is a short memoir of Tom Wolfe, from Too Old to Die Young

“Yesterday”  is a short essay about the Beatles from Music.Com.