JO 150 History and Principles of Journalism

These recorded lectures are available as slide shows this spring, because of the closing of the Boston University campus in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These lectures are longer than the usual class lectures. You are encouraged to take breaks during the presentations.

Watch for emails about online chats for questions and discussion.

Lectures linked below take you to the course Blackboard site. After entering your password, go to the Content section for JO 150. The syllabus and lectures are stored there. Lectures are also posted on TopHat. Use your regular login to reach those. The lectures are identical, whether on Blackboard or TopHat.


Part IV: Wars and “Peace”
Wars, Part I
Wars, Part II
Wars, Part III
The Great Depression
The Civil Rights Movement

Part V: Empires
The New York Times
The Curtis Publishing Company
The New Yorker
Rolling Stone
The Los Angeles Times
The Washington Post

Part VI: Pressing On
Literary Journalism, Part I
Literary Journalism, Part II
Literary Journalism, Part III

The last test will be administered during classtime on April 30.
It will cover lecture material since the first test. Stay tuned for details.