Orange Journalism: Voices from Florida Newspapers

Edited by Julian M. Pleasants

University Press of Florida, 2003

This was an oral history of Florida journalism compiled by a colleague in the history department at the University of Florida, Julian Pleasants. He is what his name implies.

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I’d begun assigning students in my History of Journalism class at Florida to interview journalists for a class project. I compiled a file drawer of interviews and hoped to do something with them — like maybe get them published.

I talked about this and finally, Professor Pleasants, who then ran the Proctor Oral History Project at the University. Only one interview from my student file survived: Kelley Benham’s interview with Rick Bragg of the New York Times, who’d made a mark on the state during his tenure at the St. Petersburg Times. My colleagues Ralph Lowenstein each did an interview, and I interviewed David Lawrence of the Miami Herald. Julian did the rest.

The book includes interviews with — in addition to the above — Carl Hiaasen, Diane McFarlin, Al Neubarth, Lucy Morgan, Don Wright and many others.